Molo  /  Bonjour  /  Jambo  /  Dumela  /  Hallo /  Hi /  Salama Alaikum /  Ola  /  Sawubona  /  Tena Yistelegn  /  Moni Bambo or Mayi / Aaaaaaaaaaargh (formal pirate greeting)

My name’s Linda.

I am a Freelance Photography and Travel Journalist  

I’m the better looking half of Moving Sushi, a team of two that drove for two years from Cape Town to Japan and back through the more stranger, wilder and overlooked places across Africa, Europe, Asia and the Arabian peninsular photographing, writing and documenting people making a difference in the ocean environment. Over the years I have learnt to write and photograph under very challenging circumstances and with incredibly tight deadlines but I would not have it any other way. I love a challenge and to travel, and am very fortunate to be getting both in large doses. My content centers around travel, conservation, ecotourism, ocean issues, the natural world around us and how we as people interact with it. As long as it has nothing to do with snakes. Snakes give me the willies.

If I’m not packing a bag and sitting in airport terminals I can be found working with passionate and driven people writing, photographing, film making and on expeditions across Africa and abroad. Connect with me online or feel free to say hi if you see me stuck in a mud hole or covered in seaweed.

I am available for commissioned pieces and assignments anywhere in the world, but my heart and most of my work focuses on the continent of Africa. I am also happy to discuss blogging assignments and campaigns as Moving Sushi. My work has been published in various magazines and newspapers in South Africa and abroad as well as online. I have also updated Tanzania in the 2015 Fodor's Guide to the Complete African Safari. I am also chapter leader of Travel Massive Cape Town and proudly part of the African Travel Crew

This site is a portfolio of my work, if you would like a detailed CV or press kit please contact me. You can find my blog at Moving Sushi